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    -No Spamming

    Any off-topic posts that do not promote or contribute to the ongoing discussion will result in post deletion or discussion thread closure. This also applies to creation of topics that do not encourage discussion or unrelated to the forum's theme. Posting a thread with a one-liner message such as: "Title says it all" or "Let's discuss!" without stating your own opinion about the topic will be considered spam.

    -Speak in English

    All posted messages viewable in public (such as in threads or in social groups) must be written in English. If you wish to communicate with your friends using your native language, please do so in dedicated social groups or threads.

    Using foreign language to insult or bash anyone is strongly discouraged. Be aware that this is an international website and anything posted in public may it be in social groups, or threads can be viewed by a random visitor. You're not the only one who can speak and understand a different language, and who knows, your fellow countrymen may just rat you out. That said, if your use of foreign language is judged to be malicious, there will be harsher consequences even without clarification. You have been warned.

    -Backseat Moderation

    Whilst we appreciate regular users who are determined to help the staff to maintain order in the community, backseat moderating (best described as users who act or take up a moderator tone without holding an actual position) exhibits a rather negative connotation that may cause either or both regular members and staff to take offense. Reporting to staff is the best plan of action by posting on report threads or informing staff via private or visitor messaging.

    -Be Respectful At All Times

    Any form of insult, defamation or threat to anyone whether done publicly or in private messages will not be tolerated. Treat everyone with respect - the same way in which you want others to treat you. Always maintain a polite and or a civilised demeanor when expressing your opinion or point of argument to any and all users of Mangafox.


    Commercial advertisements of any form whether posted in threads, signatures, social groups, visitor messages, private messages or hidden in normal posts or images is strictly prohibited. Whether you are an adbot, spambot or a normal user advertising your business website or other sites with features similar to mangafox, you will be considered and treated as a spambot and will be banned permanently upon discovery.


    Copying, using content or any material published or posted by another without proper credits or reference is strictly prohibited. If discovered, the plagiarised content will be immediately removed without notice and the user(s) responsible punished heavily. Proper referencing is determined by staff and the original author of the content in question, and so may vary in each instance. Even if you feel you have credited properly, there is still the matter of permission and if given notice by staff or original author, are required to remove the content promptly or face disciplinary action.

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